Christel House Academy West

Education that builds a bright future.


Transforming the Lives of Students

Christel House Academy West emphasizes education, self-sufficiency, and student empowerment. We believe that when students are educated holistically, the results can be stunning: Students at Christel House Academy West outperform neighboring schools on the state tests and are more proficient readers than their peers. And as our school continues to grow every year, our impact on the west side of Indianapolis will keep growing, too, as our students become leaders in their own communities. Contact us to learn more

For parents and students, we have a few additional resources listed below. But if your child is not yet enrolled at our campus, we encourage you to check out our enrollment page.

Christel House Academy West, Principal


Donald Carver, Christel House Academy West

Office Address: 55 Tibbs Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222

Office Phone Number: 317-783-4901 ext. 2624

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