Christel House Watanabe High School

Education that transforms.

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Empowering Tomorrows Leaders 

Christel House Watanabe High School is part of the Christel House Indianapolis network of tuition-free charter schools educating children and adults throughout the Indianapolis area. 

We provide a small school and caring environment that engages students in meaningful work, teaching not just academics but also the social skills necessary for our students to thrive. Through education, we help foster community and connectedness between diverse families in our city and beyond. 

Our College and Careers program really sets us apart from other schools!  This program follows Christel House graduates after graduation, through their postsecondary education or  career training, and their entrance into the workforce. Whether a student goes to college, the military, earns a trade certification, or goes straight into a career after graduation, Christel House stays in regular contact with that student, either the duration of their time in college, or the first few years of their career.

Learn more by visiting the college and career page. 

Christel House Watanabe High School Principal

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Paige Pittman, Christel House Watanabe High School Principal 

Office Address: 2405 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana 46205

Office Phone Number: 317-783-4690 ext. 

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